Silicon Slick... my online persona since 1984

Circa 1978 as a freshman at a humble high school in the great state
of Texas I was introduced to computers.

IIRC, my first introduction was by the husband of the Science Club's 
mentor/teacher/instructors. Mr. C. (informally known by "Mike"). 
He demonstrated what an Apple II was capable of doing.  

Unfortunately, at the time, my humble high school had nothing like
it to offer, the most sophhisticated piece of technology
being a teletype (TTY) machine hooked up through an acoustic modem
(plug the phone handset in when you hear the funny noises... 
e.g. Matthew Brodrick's "War Games") to the central humble ISD
office for some time-shared computing.  

Not particularly exciting (TTY graphics are teh suk when you've
seen the Apple ]['s).

Given the lack of computing facilites at school, I resorted to
vandalism.  I made it a point, everytime I visited the mall, to
visit Radio Shack and type:

10 PRINT "*********   WELCOME TO RADIO SHACK **************"
20 GOTO 10

in every one of their TRS-80 based systems in sight.  I shiver
to think of the fear and panic I caused through such actions.

Fortunately, as I progressed through the school system, the computer
systems progressed as well.  By my junior year, at a new school
of highness, we had a lab full of Apple ][s.... life was good.

And then I went to college... (1982...)... wow... card punch...
really.... wow...

[short story long... I've been using "Silicon Slick" since I first joined BBSs 
in 1985... all others are fake/imitations/wannabes]